April 13, 2016 John

Cates Collaborative Delivers Tomy’s Latest Social Media Video Arrival

Expanding our family of branded content offspring…

They grow up so fast. Our partnership with Tomy’s The First Years infant product division has developed from its own infancy 2 years ago into a thriving social media and video campaign that just keeps growing.

Cates Collaborative has been creating social media content and product-based videos for Tomy International for over 2 years. The multi-platform campaign reaches young parents through social media and on retail sites like Target, WalMart, Amazon and Babies R Us.

Video is infinitely more effective when it’s part of a robust social media campaign. Frank and Hope, fictional characters that appeal to young parents through their continuously updated social media presence, provide light-hearted and relatable interaction that allows for product visibility while ultimately building brand credibility and trust.

Our newest addition to the existing product-focused campaign is a collection of Instagram-friendly versions of just some of the 70+ video spots we’ve developed, written and produced for The First Years line of infant products.

Some examples of our newest pride and joy are below…




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